How you live determines your health!
Healing Lifestyle
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Lifestyle affects your hormones, it affects how your immune system works, how you build your proteins, it affects everything inside of you.

Lifestyle even affects your genetic expression.

Healing Lifestyle Topics Covered:

    •Water Quality: we are made up of 50-65% water. Water is where all of our life’s
      processes occur.

    •Nutrition: most of the major causes of death in the world hinge on
      quality of nutrition.

    •Food Intolerances: linked to multiple organ systems breaking down.

    •Sleep rest cycles: our bodies need adequate rest to heal & regenerate.

    •Air quality: there is no faster route into your body than through the air.

    •Exercise: critical to help regulate hormones and most body processes.

    •Toxicity: can overwhelm every process in your body.

    •Environment: A combination of air, water, & dwelling, determines the
      ability to clear toxins.

    •Yeast/Fungus/Mold: can affect most every process in your body.

  • Do you need to change your Drinking water?
  • Nutritional Changes for healing. 
  • Health Destroying Foods to avoid.
  • Rest to heal.
  • Detox - Myths & Fact.
  • The truth about Yeast, Fungus, & Mold 
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We use your information for this site only, we will not share it with anyone.
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